Collective knowledge of more than 80 international consultants and associates.


  • Rainer Häggblom
    Rainer Häggblom

    Global industry strategies,
    M&A, strategy

    Rainer Häggblom has supervised major M&A, post-merger integration and organizational and strategic development assignments in the forest products and energy industries in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin-America. He has conducted large number of strategy, investment planning and M&A assignments in more than 50 countries in forest industry. He holds several board positions globally. He has M.Sc. (Econ.) from Helsinki School of Economics, M. Sc. (Forestry) from Helsinki University and has carried out several studies at INSEAD, France.


  • Markku Tynkkynen
      Markku Tynkkynen

      Global pulp and paper industry and energy strategies, change leadership, post-merger integration

      Markku Tynkkynen has worked as President of Magazine Paper Division and Executive Vice President of UPM-Kymmene Corporation. His area of responsibility has been forestry & wood sourcing, global sourcing, energy, logistics, IT, environmental affairs & CSR and trade policy. At UPM-Kymmene he was also a member of the Executive Team and the Strategy Team. Mr. Tynkkynen has M. Sc. (Paper Technology) degree from Helsinki University of Technology and has carried out several studies at INSEAD, France and Harvard Business School, USA.

    Managing Director

    • Teija Konttori
        Teija KonttoriManaging Director

      Consultants and Analysts

      • Eliisa Ranta
          Eliisa RantaDirector

        • Santeri Ilvesniemi
            Santeri IlvesniemiProject Manager
          • Rasmus Kiihamäki
            Rasmus KiihamäkiConsultant

          • Anastasia Juhász
              Anastasia JuhászConsultant

            • Olga Efimova
                Olga EfimovaConsultant

              • Iris Ollila
                  Iris OllilaConsultant
                • Teemu Friman
                    Teemu FrimanAnalyst

                  • Teija Jurvanen
                      Teija JurvanenOffice Manager

                    Senior Experts and Associates

                    • Timo Varhama
                        Timo Varhama
                      • Olavi Göös
                          Olavi Göös
                        • Soile Korhonen
                            Soile Korhonen
                          • Elina Kalela
                              Elina Kalela
                            • Jean-Marc Louvet
                                Jean-Marc Louvet
                              • Mikko Löfgren
                                  Mikko Löfgren
                                • Jesús Urra
                                    Jesús Urra
                                  • Martin Björnström
                                      Martin Björnström
                                    • Elina Engman
                                        Elina Engman
                                      • Harri Ahveninen
                                          Harri Ahveninen
                                        • Prof. Dr. Panu Tikka
                                            Prof. Dr. Panu Tikka
                                          • Eric Enqvist
                                              Eric Enqvist
                                            • Ville Tarvo
                                                Ville Tarvo
                                              • Kaj Koskinen
                                                  Kaj Koskinen
                                                • Eeva Punta
                                                    Eeva Punta
                                                  • Veli-Jussi Potka
                                                      Veli-Jussi Potka
                                                    • Harry Lönnqvist
                                                        Harry Lönnqvist
                                                      • Pasi Kenola
                                                          Pasi Kenola
                                                        • Jaakko Karas
                                                            Jaakko Karas
                                                          • Bodo Kottwitz
                                                              Bodo Kottwitz
                                                            • Anders Luthbom
                                                                Anders Luthbom
                                                              • Juhani Lindholm
                                                                  Juhani Lindholm
                                                                • Mikael Nováky
                                                                    Mikael Nováky
                                                                  • Kyösti Sysiö
                                                                      Kyösti Sysiö
                                                                    • Matti Sihvonen
                                                                        Matti Sihvonen
                                                                      • Jean-Peter Wallgren
                                                                          Jean-Peter Wallgren
                                                                        • François Vessière
                                                                            François Vessière
                                                                          • Arto Aaltonen
                                                                              Arto Aaltonen
                                                                            • Jouni Malmivaara
                                                                                Jouni Malmivaara
                                                                              • Olivier Meyer
                                                                                  Olivier Meyer
                                                                                • Whitney Fox
                                                                                    Whitney Fox